Monday, January 3, 2011

Matt's Blog of Mostly Positivity: Kind Of

Happy New Year. . . a couple days ago. Seriously. Wow, this is a new leaf. A really different leaf that i haven't nibbled on in a long time. Not that i nibble on leaves, but i have, but i'm just saying. . . . this is very different for me. Ok. Whew. . . it's like a load off my shoulders. Ok, it's like when i'm fighting fires and i get tired, i just put all my stuff in my saw partners bag and PRESTO!!!! Not tired. Thanks chris. I'll never forget what you unknowingly did for me.

Anyway, what says positivity better than a nice pineapple? Maybe giving a million dollars to a hobo. But. . . . since i'm just starting this thing, i'm going to take what i can get, which is why i'm choosing to write about a pineapple. And not just any pineapple, mind you. A tiny pineapple. It's as if a tiny kitten magically transformed into a tiny pineapple. Just the most awesome little thing i've seen in a long time. I stole 3 just for good measure. They tasted like i'd imagine a pot of goldenly delicious tiny pineapples would taste like.

Yes it was sunday, which is why i look so dapper, and yes this is only one of a few times in my life where i haven't looked like cromagnon man, but 2011 is going to be different. I have a good positive feeling about it. If you don't believe me, try a tiny pineapple. it'll rock your world.


MindySue said...

I didn't even know tiny pineapples EXISTED! See, on your first try you are already enlightening the universe (or me at least)!

Courtney said...

I can't stop smiling while I look at this picture, it's just too freaking adorable. Stop it!!

Cindy Lou said...

Love the new idea!

Meagan said...

Do you watch Psych? Perhaps you should because somewhere in each episode they place a pineapple. Sometimes a regular sized one, sometimes it's a pinata shaped like a pineapple, you get the picture.