Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Weak Shop: For Weak People

Funny story (debatable), i happened upon this website [click here] and almost had an aneurism. A website full of the worst "machines" imaginable. Machines created for one reason; to allow the laziest people on the planet to live comfortably in a lazier way. Fortunately, i realized that it was a faux website, otherwise i would have thrown my computer out the window (still trying to get past that whole negative blog thing). Well, i mean, it's a real website, but the products it offers are faux. In case you're not french, faux (which is pronounced fox) means fox. Here's another thing you didn't know. Fox means fake in latin. . . . and. . . . . we've come full circle.

It really is one of the funniest things i've seen in a while, and given the fact that i'm a really good judge of what's funny, that should say something. What it says, i'm not sure. Probably that i'm a good judge of what's funny.

Anyway, here's a list and description of some my favorite ones.

  1. Freedom Strider - it's like one of those baby walking things for adults. So sweet. Plus it has the word freedom in it and freedom is awesome.
  2. Long Arm Tennis Racquet - Helps you hit the ball without moving anywhere. Plus, not really coming soon are some fake attachments that will help you dunk a basketball without jumping and shutting the lights off without getting off the couch.
  3. Food Lift - a tube with a tiny auger built inside which allows the food to make it up to your face without doing any work.

Actually, i like most all of them, but i didn't want to seem over excited about something like this. It would be embarrassing. . . . . . but it's pretty awesome. . . . . but only because it's fake. I'd hate to think of what i would do if any of these ever became real products. I would freak the eff out. . . . . . Freak. the. eff. out. See what i did there? I punctuated incorrectly to emphasize my overreaction.

Anyway, If you get a minute, visit their youtube page [click here] and enjoy a couple minutes worth of satirical video


Anonymous said...

are you trying to stupefy your readers? (not very positive if you asked me) faux means fake-
and is pronounced "foh"


blankset said...

No, I'm pretty sure it's fox. AHole.

I would gladly pay 300 bones for a freedom strider, and the food lift is one of the most genius inventions EVER. E.V.E.R!

Nichole said...

Shhh... its like a little nap for my legs. ha ha.

MindySue said...

Hey Anon the Troll. It's called "sarcasm".