Monday, February 21, 2011

Baggage Claim Selfishness: Almost as Selfish as Socialism

Scenario: I just finish my flight to Taiwan. I'm sitting at the baggage area, surrounded by 500 chinamen (is that not politically incorrect?) all waiting for the same thing. Their bags. A yellow line surrounding the baggage area indicates to the public to stand about 3 feet back from the baggage area rather than standing directly at it's side. Doing this would allow everyone to see while still allowing room to step forward and grab your bag. Nobody is doing this, which is incredibly baffling because in a country where queueing (lining) up means biting your way to the front of the line, i'd assume that a flat yellow line on the floor would be able to keep the masses at bay. Wrong.

Why are people so selfish? Especially when it's something as simple backing up from a baggage claim. I mean, just back up. Why can't you do that? Oh, is it because if you back up, nobody else will then you'll be a lone idiot who can't see his/her bags? Yeah, that sounds about right. . . . . it seems we have reached an impasse.

So, how does one go about changing everything? We could ask obama, but he only knows how to change freedom fries to marxist fries, which don't taste anything like communism (disappointing, i know). I actually wracked my brain thinking of ways to force this change that nobody wants, and i concluded with one way. The ultimate way of changing the world. Facebook. I'm not talking about trying to get people to change by copy and pasting a status update (click here for example). I'm not. It's stupid and doesn't work. I am talking about starting a facebook group called Baggage Claim Visionaries.

Unfortunately, said facebook group doesn't quite get the job done. I applaud it for bringing attention to this topic, but it's lacking in one area specifically. The ridicule area. It's called tough love, and sometimes it's exactly what people need. How do you ridicule? It's pretty easy. Use the words stupid and idiot. Sometimes even put them together as in, "that person who is standing next to the baggage claim conveyor belt thing is a stupid idiot". I know, it sounds harsh, and it is, but in order to make the change you need, people's feelings need to be hurt.

Stupid Idiot. I remember getting in so much trouble saying that when i was younger. Getting my mouth washed out with soap. Terrible. . . . . . Anyway, the next time you find yourself pushing and shoving to get your baggage from the carousel, just remember that you're an idiot. A stupid idiot.

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MindySue said...

Amen, brother.

Oh, and don't forget when they have to stand as close as possible to the opening where the bags come out. Like waiting 5 more seconds is going to kill them...