Friday, February 4, 2011

Stem Cell Research: Stop Killing Babies

As much as i enjoy being negative, i saw a video and couldn't resist being somewhat positive for a bit, but i'll try to intersperse it with tiny thoughts of negativity, or maybe a link to an explosion or something. . . . . OR. . . . . maybe a link to a puppy getting punched. . . . . OR. . . . . maybe a link to a baby getting punched, but probably not the baby or explosion one because that wouldn't be cool. Or would it?

Anyway, i was reading an articleª (and attached video clip, click here) the other day about getting burned and having your skin melt off your bones and how it wouldn't be all that great and it used to be really terrible because in order to heal your gaping melted skin wound, you'd either need a skin graft from your anal area, or grow some skin in a lab. Either way, it ended up being somewhat of a long process, which left room for infection, death, or worse, a bad day.

What this article/video talks about is how scientists (the real scientists, not the fake juans) have developed a "skin spray gun". This essentially sprays stem cells and some other shmegma cells on your open wound (if used in time) and your melted skin wound heals within hours, instead of weeks. Awesome huh? Almost as awesome as this. click here.

Definitely reminds me of my childhood. Duh duh duh, dah na na na naaa na nuh

Before we all go burn our faces off to test it out, there are a couple things to consider.

1) he said the police officer was a good candidate, so obviously there are specific guidelines in order to be able to use the spray gun, but it looks cool.
2) i fight fires and when i'm not sleeping in the woods, i end up having to work in close proximity to some big flames, as well as next to fire, and let me tell you, it's hot. Like, melt your effing face off hot and i wasn't even in the flames, i was near them with my head turned away. . . . and it was only until i got tired and went back to hide in the woods, which was about 2 minutes. . . tops.

So the bottom line is this: Science is effing awesome. Hopefully all those idiots that say stem cell research is murder don't get bent out of shape and realize that maybe it's worth it. Besides. It's just a fetus.

Science, i tip my hat to you.

ª ok, technically it's not an article. I realize this. It just seemed like the right word to use so go eat


MindySue said...

It's just a fetus. I realize you are kidding, but I don't think those words should ever be said. Or typed. Bad Matt.

MindySue said...

of course. I just typed them. Crud.

Layne T said...

Nice Rescue 911 reference. Haven't even though of that show for years, but that theme song will never leave my brain.

Bryan James said...

Go science. Save the firefighters.