Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two and One Half Men: Not Funny In The Least

I don't get it. This show is not funny. At all. it's the same crappy jokes every single time with a laugh track every 10 seconds. It doesn't give you chance to think for yourself. You're told it's funny. . . . you're told wrong.

If you're not familiar with this show, let me introduce you to the characters.

"Hi, i'm charlie sheen. i'm promiscuous with many ladies every night, but for some reason, i show no sign of contracting any venereal disease, even though statistically with the amount of women i have had sex with, i should have more VD than 11/11/11 (look it up)".

"Hi, i'm the other guy. I'm not that important and i'm over shadowed by a 50 year old saggy-faced turd sandwich. I get really mad that i can't get any ladies like my partner in crime, but i'm super nerdy and slightly effeminate, so i just don't understand why. I mean, aren't nice guys supposed to do well in the dating scene? [no]."

"Hi, i'm a chubby little teenager who also makes the same jokes over and over again. It's not my fault that i'm given a script that compares to something a 13 year old would create, it's my bosses. Or maybe my bosses bosses. Not really sure. I'm going to go eat a twinkie and cry in my pillow."

Ok, i shouldn't make fun of the teenager. He's not actually that fat, i just got carried away with being a terrible human.

What i don't understand is the absurd amount of money they're getting paid. I heard somewhere (probably TMZ) that mr. sheen is getting paid $1.5 million an episode and the little chubby kid get's $300,000 an episode. I"m sure that other guy is somewhere in between. That seems like maybe a little bit too much.

I guess i just don't get it. How can people who do so little, get so much?

I guess i just don't get it. How can people who are just not funny, get so many fake laughs?

I guess i just don't get it. how can so many people be tricked into watching this show?

I would much rather watch a show that allows me to think about what funny joke they just told. Shows like "the office", "modern family" and "always sunny in philadelphia" are awesome because they're funny without forcing it down your gullet.

Two and a half men. you suck.


MindySue said...

I concur. Though I will say that I like the housekeeper. Maybe that's just because she treats Charlie like crap.

Cindy Lou said...

I like shows that make pop culture references that if you blink, you'll miss. Example: the most recent episode of "Community" makes a great reference to the old "Cosby Show."

Bryan James said...

Again, waiting for a better topic. Great emotion in this one, though.

Matthew said...

bryan james wheat, i'm going to make you my next topic.

Colette said...

i like this topic. i think you should write for that show. the turd sandwich line was great.