Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Moon: More Like Super Disappointing Moon

Do you guys remember when we had that “super moon”? You should because it was about a week ago. Anyway, do you remember how everyone was talking about it and everyone was so excited for it and it was supposed to be this massive glowing orb in the sky and then it ended up being a normal sized moon with no noticeable difference? I do. Because we were out shooting photo/video down in Patagonia and had hiked in to get a siiiiiick shot of Fitzroy with the super moon and some other things, and i remember very clearly thinking to myself “that’s it? I could do that”.

It bothered me that they (the news and nasa and nerds) called it a super moon. I feel as if “super” is kind of a word that you don’t throw around lightly (ie superman, super nanny), and to say that something is super because it appears larger (because it’s closer) is dumb. Really dumb.

It’d be similar to me thinking that someone is “super” because they were closer to me than they were 3 seconds prior.

“oh, dang, you were far away and small, and now you’re close and big. You’re super. I would almost think that you could fly or punch through a wall because of how super you are, just standing there all big and what not.” Please. I’m not a child, although sometimes i act very similar to one. I understand the difference between things growing and things moving closer.

Do other people? I only ask because i’ve had multiple arguments with people about this and they were all convinced that the moon was actually bigger. 25% bigger actually. As if it swelled. I feel that this country is in trouble. Not because a socialist is in charge, or because we’re at war with everyone. No, we’re in trouble because people think that the “super moon” was in fact a bigger moon.

I will say that the super moon lit our pathway pretty nicely since we were up before dawn and we weren’t using headlamps, but i feel like i could attribute that to the full moon, and not the super moon. The super moon was complete crap.

Super moon. You were a disappointment and i’m glad you’re gone for the next 20 years.


MindySue said...

Gee Matt, that was a SUPER post.

Matthew said...

eff you.

J-Hal said...

Great post. I happened to miss all the hoopla with the moon. I feel so mad right now, though, after reading about it. So mad.

Courtney said...

I missed the SUPER moon because we had a party that night...and it was really cloudy. But now I don't feel like I actually missed anything. Thanks Matt.

Chrissy said...

Gosh Matt, does that because Mike lives closer to us he is the "super" son and you are just a regular son? Mom