Monday, March 14, 2011

Teachers: Glorified Babysitter


If you are of the kind of idiot that thinks it would be a good idea to cut teachers salary and educational funding you might want to quit reading because i’m going to call you an idiot and say some really mean things about you.

*End of Disclaimer*

If you think it would be a good idea to cut teachers salary and educational funding, you’re an idiot. A serious idiot who has no business making decisions for your own life, let a lone other people’s. And you probably have terrible taste in music as well as smelly feet. . . . . and you’re ugly.

*enter the magical golden world of sarcasm*

I mean, It’s cool that americaº hates teachers. It’s completely understandable. They’re overpaid underworked babysitters who go to school, sit on their thumb or thumbs, then clock out at the end of the day. Real cool. I mean, if i could fabricate a scale of coolness, i would rank hating teachers on par with the keytar, but slightly higher than racism.

*exiting the magical golden world of sarcasm*

I understand that not all teachers are great teachers, just like not all humans are great humans. With as many teachers as we employ, we’re bound to get some crappy ones. It doesn’t mean that we get rid of all the teachers. gIt means that maybe weª need to take a closer look at the situation and the programs that are in question and we need to perform studies and take our time when making these decisions. Some things aren’t meant to be rushed. Like making a sweet hamburglar.

For instance i heard about a bill in idaho currently in the process of being passed where teachers get canned and instead, students will learn on laptops (probably a broad generalization of the bill, and actually i didn’t do any research on it at all so it’s probably biased). Yeah, that’s a great idea. Give students laptops and internet access and expect them to learn and not get on facebook and youtube. Real smart.

The same people that browse facebook and youtube at work all day think that kids will somehow be different. Lunacy!

I think people don’t realize the importance of having teachers. Or maybe they do, but they just don’t care. Or maybe they do, but they think that they don’t have kids so why should they pay for them.

Well, in case your nationalistic brains can’t wrap around it, i’ll let you in on a little secret. America, like a student, needs to work to stay in power. People complain about others feeling entitled to certain things (healthcare, a good education), when they themselves suffer the same entitlement, in a broader sense. Go ahead. Cut education. See what happens.

Maybe it’s just me, but i feel like a good way to stay on top is to create a great education system that creates great minds that eventually create a teleporter, because that’d be sweet.

º by america i mean red necks

ª by we i mean other people because i don’t really care about education.


MindySue said...

People are idiots. Cutting education is pretty much the beginning of the end.

J-Hal said...

You should really read that bill, Matt.

Oh wait, so should I...

Kira C. said...

I watched a comedian that said America is basically in it's teen years in comparison to other countries, so it isn't too smart and has an attitude. I agree. Not a whole lot of people in the government know what they're doing.

HABBS said...

This piece, that's right, I called it a piece due to its artistic relevance, is awesome. I especially love thinking about how mad Zach would be reading it. Ha ha. Also the real kicker, creating better minds to invent the teleporter.

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