Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday: Please Kill Me. . . . Or Better Yet, Kill Them

So, i recently (i wrote this a while ago) viewed a certain crappy music video (Friday, by rebecca black?), strictly for some blog material and i must say that it’s a crappy video, but i don’t know why people are ragging on this black lady. She isn’t black, her last name is black. I feel like maybe that would have been an appropriate time to capitalize some letters to avoid that sort of thing, but whatever, i don’t really care that much. . . . . . Anyway, i’m not sure why everyone is saying she sucks. I mean, yeah, she doesn’t have the greatest voice, but if you look below the youtube video, you’ll see this:

Written by Patrice Wilson, Produced by Clarence Jey
Directed by Chris Lowe and Ian Hotchkiss.

Yeah, that’s right. Four people who should be banned from the internet. It’s weird that everybody hates her and nobody has said a thing about the four people that actually created the song (i’m sure people have called them out, but i haven’t really been following it).

Furthermore, it’s weird that it was written by one whole human being (as opposed to some partial human beings). I figured that because of the crappy writing, some monkeys with typewriters and tons of time on their hands had something to do with it. It saddens me to see that a member of our own race did it.

Furthermore, shame on clarence for having a dumb name and producing such a terrible song. ps, it’s spelled jay you pretentious idiot. Your parents obviously hated you.

Furthermore, shame on chris and ian. Your directing sucks and i think you should try other things in life. Maybe things that require a little less directing, like air traffic controlling. I heard all they do is sleep anyway. You guys should be good at that.

Furthermore, i’m in Arizona right now and it’s warm. Eff the snow, although when i get back, i’m psyched to do some skiing in the Idaho backcountry. Also, i forgot sandals, which sucks, but at the same time, my toes are ugly and i shouldn’t subject people to them.

. . . . . Anyway. . . . . yeah. Rebecca Black, you made a poor life decision, similar to the girls on “16 and pregnant, which might be a topic for next time. Hopefully you can make more appropriate ones in the future. Good luck.

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Kira C. said...

Yeah..jokes on us though. She makes about $25,000 a week for that thing according to Time magazine. Yikes.