Monday, May 16, 2011

Planking: Seriously?

So this is apparently what Australia has been up to lately.

Click here.

If you’re not going to watch the video, i’ll just explain it real quick. “Plancking” is when you lay face down in weird places, preferably so you suspend most of your body in the air, such as on a guardrail 7 stories up. The goal is to be so awesome and to not fall off the guardrail, which the kid in the story failed to do, so he is disqualified.

Ok, i’m not going to lie. I laughed when i saw the video. It’s just the weirdest thing i’ve seen in a while. I know. I’m a terrible person. I admit it. Somebody died and that’s never funny, but really? Planking?

I’m only going to assume that australians have done virtually every activity known to man and they ran out of ideas so they decided to try this. Either that or they're seriously board.

I’m sure it sounded something like this (please read with australian accent)

mate 1 - “excuse me mate, i can’t think of anything to do. got any ideas, mate?”

mate 2 - “no, mate. if you would have come to my house 10 minutes ago, we could have had a barbie, but i just cleaned up, mate, and now i was thinking about going crocodile hunting, mate”

mate 1 - “crikey, i did that yesterday, mate, how about we go and be the son of Odin and Freya (google it)

Thor - (walking into the room) “sorry mates, i just did that and it’s not that fun. How about i go lay facedown in a road somewhere and you take a picture and post it to my facebook” It’ll be soooooo funny and i’ll be popular.”

mate 1 & 2 - “crikey”

Thor - “no worries, mate”

mate 1 - "mate"

Anyway. . . . . while i was watching video, i kept thinking that it was the onion news or something along those lines. It must have been a prank (pun, if an asian would have said “plank”), but it’s not (at least i think it’s not). The people in that video are 100% genuine. I just don’t see how you could keep a straight face reporting on a “growing trend” of people laying facedown in random spots. This brings me to my next point.

What constitutes a trend? Are there guidelines that a certain activity must meet before it’s considered a trend?

. . . . . . That’s a serious question because i’m not sure.

I’m going to assume that a trend is something that occurs on facebook more than 10 times, but i could be wrong.

. . . . . . Ug. Sorry, this one sucked. I’ll write one more later this week. It’ll be better. I promise.




J-Hal said...

Actually I lol'd on this one Matt. Best part, "It must have been a prank (pun, if an asian would have said 'plank') ..." So awesome.

And I can see poop dogs loving to plank. What about feats of strength? That's kind of like planking...kinda.

HABBS said...

Jason, Best part was your racist comment about Asians saying prank. Matt, can you tell me how you find this stuff. I thought is was really funny.