Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Bald: If Only It Was As Awesome As This. . . . . . .

And by this, i mean click here.

It’s long, but at least worth a skim through (that’s what she said?) hahahahahahaha. ug.

Anyway, I was in alaska on this uber (german, for ubaaah) lame trip where we just hiked a lot and it was just so ugly and lame and not fun and i didn’t learn anything and the people were just so dull and nothing interesting happened, and i forgot where i was going with that.

Anyway, while on this “camping trip”, i wasn’t able to shower for a while. When we finally got back to civilization and was able to shower, i was shocked to find what appeared to be a small wookie (spelling?) sitting over the drain, clogging everything. This was super annoying because:

  1. nobody likes the bathtub to fill up with gross water (except if you’re younger and you pee in the bath. . . . . or an adult baby.)
  2. In general, nobody likes wookies, especially wookies that hang out in the bathtub (think wet dog but way worse).
  3. i realized that it was not a wookie, but in fact my own hair from various parts of my body, including places like my head, my chest, my face, and some other unmentionable places (think genital area and the like).

Anyway, i’m probably not actually losing my hair (i am), but i saw the video above and i couldn’t help but chuckle, nay gafaw to myself. Why do people care so much? I mean, i could understand if you just lost hair on one hemisphere of your skull (think left and right), but that usually doesn’t happen. It’s usually pretty symmetrical.

What killed me even more was the commercial itself. It’s so weird. Aside from the cool comparisons (one sad bald man, next to an ecstatic super tan, heavily eyelinered, ultra realistic plastic human figure), they have really sweet quotes like “the hairclub can give you a look that fits your lifestyle”.

. . . . so. . . . . i don’t even know what that means. What kind of lifestyle am i missing out on? Probably a sick one.

All i see on that commercial are guys with hair, and guys without hair. Both creepy. Actually, there was one girl who wasn’t bald, but had short hair. As if she had short hair not by choice and it was only with the help of the hairclub that she was able to convince herself to grow it out. Thanks hairclub.

Anyway, not the best post, but i’m trying to get back into it. Expect them to get funnier. Or not, i don’t care either way.

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