Monday, August 15, 2011

Macsurance: A real post to make up for the crappy one yesterday.

I just saw the cuuuuutest commercial. It was a KRAFT commercial about mac and cheese. A couple kids are talking about getting macsurance that protects them against adults stealing their mac and cheese.


What they failed to mention is typical across the board of insurance companies. In the fine print on the bottom of the screen was a group of exclusions. Here is a little sample of the exclusions in the policy.

1. If adults give processed mac and cheese (poop) back to you, macsurance is not liable to cover you.
2. Macsurance considers adults to be any person over the age of 400.
3. Macsurance will do everything we can to not reimburse you for your stolen mac and cheese, including going bankrupt, hiring an expensive lawyer to prove you're mentally unstable in a court, killing you, and blowing up the world.
4. Macsurance will not reimburse for partially eaten mac and cheese.
5. Macsurance will not reimburse you for mac and cheese that has been smelled.
6. Macsurance will immediately drop you we suspect that you will someday get your mac and cheese stolen.

Why would an insurance company (even a fake one) do something like this?

Because all insurance companies are run by the devil, and he's a real douche.

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MindySue said...

Last line. BEST LINE EVER. Or darn close. Loved it.