Monday, March 19, 2012

No Man: Basically The Opposite of a “Yes Man”, Plus a Lot of Missed Opportunities

A (good?) friend of mine wrote a post today about being a “yes man” despite the fact that she is not a man, but i’ll look past that. Here’s her blog post about her experiences. It’s probably better than this post, so if you just want to stop reading this, and read that one, i wouldn’t have any problem with it. I’ll alert her to the fact that i’m sure her server is about to get shut down from so much traffic. Anyway. Here’s this.

After i read her post, i thought to myself. I should do something like that. So i did something just like that.

Today i decided to say “no” to everything. At first i was kind of nervous because i didn’t want to turn down any really rad opportunities. Before i left the house (around 9:40), but after i got dressed (around 9:37), i envisioned myself turning down million dollar bollywood deals, telling supermodels that no, i would not be able to father their offspring, and generally just telling a lot of my friends “no” for no apparent reason. This wasn’t the case at all.

It turns out that today was a really good day to do this. I didn’t really talk to anyone. At all. I briefly saw a coworker at the studio, but he works in the annex (the other side of the wall) so it was only for a second.

I was kind of afraid that my friends would find out what i was doing and they would ask me to do a whole bunch of things using double negatives (“matt, could you please not hit yourself in the face”), but i lucked out for sure. The only thing that really upset me was that this really hot girl online wanted to get to know me and i wasn’t able to respond. It’s killing me because i’m pretty sure i’ve met her before, but i just can’t put my fingers on it.

Anyway, Catherine R, If you’re reading this, just know that i do want to get to know you but you’ll have to ask again when i’m not a “no man”. Man i hope i didn’t miss out on true love. I’d really kick myself (or other people around me for that matter) if i did.

So. . . . all-in-all, it was a pretty good day to be a No Man. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to people who have jobs, a family, or a life, but for those that don’t have any of those, i’d strongly recommend trying it. It’s exhilarating. Really gives you a sit-on-my-couch-and-do-nothing-all-day kind of feeling.