Monday, July 2, 2012

Joe Klamar: World’s Crappiest Photographer, Or a Brilliant Media Strategist? I Don’t Know, but I’m Leaning Towards Crappiest Photographer

In the last couple of days, portraits of the U.S. Olympic Team have surfaced on the internet. . . . . Well?  What’s so weird about that?  The olympics are at our doorstep and we should be expecting these.  Yes, we were expecting portraits of the olympians . . in the same way an expecting mother is expecting a child.  But what happens, when instead of a baby, the mother births a turd sandwich?  Does the mother get upset and demand a rebirth?  Absolutely.

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, gaze upon these little nuggets.
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These are absolutely, hands down, no questions asked the worst portraits i’ve ever seen.  It's as if he took all the olympians to a walmart to get their portraits taken, but really saying that is doing walmart a disservice.  They're THAT bad.  It can be agreed upon that any college student studying photography could probably have done a better job .  Truthfully, i’d say any student (pick a major) could have done a better job.  Ok, actually, i’m going to go with any human.  Any human could probably have done a better job. . . . . . . Ok, just kidding, I’d say any human type thing, whether it’s a monkey, a gibbon, or a wax replica of ansel adams, could probably have produced better work than Joe Klamar.
There are a growing number of people who think that it was done on purpose.  That there was no way those mistakes could have been made on accident.  That anybody with minimal knowledge of photoshop could have fixed some of those images.  I agree with that statement in the same way polishing a turd creates a polished turd.

A quick google image search of joe klamar fills the page with photos of lindsey lohan in the courtroom and other various red carpet events, which leads me to believe that he is in fact just a crappy paparazzo with no talent (which is a totally subjective thing, i realize that, but not really because those photos are pretty bad).
But maybe because he’s been in that “scene” for so long, he is trying to make a statement.  Maybe this was his chance create controversy.  I don’t know.
I feel like maybe if he wanted to create controversy, he could have just thrown a gallon of paint on somebody at a red carpet event, or maybe even just thrownup all over someone would have done it.  Instead, he chose to portray our athletes in a way that makes them look like Quasimodo on a bad hair day.  No offense to Quasimodo.
I don’t know.  It’s too early to tell.  Or maybe it’s not.  Maybe i’m just really naive.  Or maybe Joe Klamar just sucks.  Or maybe he's brilliant.  Who knows?

UPDATE:  Turns out he just sucks. hahahahahahaha.


Courtney said...

I don't know Matt, I think he really brought out the true spirit of each event...I mean, that weight lifting girl?? The Taekwondo duo?? Definitely didn't need the captions on those ones - masterfully done.

Anonymous said...

This was definitely done on purpose! Maybe he's not a fan of the olympics. Or 'Merica.

Anonymous said...

The athletes look real - they look approachable and human. I am very impressed with the photos. The subjects look like they actually breathe, and sweat, and strive. I am glad someone was able to get me back in touch with what the games are about - individual and team efforts of real people.

Matthew said...

I agree with you when you say that it's nice to see athletes look real. I get it. What i don't get is lighting them so they look like satan. Or posing them so they look like idiots. If he wanted to make them look real, he would have just taken a head shot, lit them so they looked normal, and not done any photoshop work. Instead, he made them look stupid. I mean, have you seen the photos. They look stupid, not "real". He crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Matthew. I completely agree. There's a distinct difference between looking "real" and looking "bad".