Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fact Checking the Presidential Debates: Seems Like Something That Should Be Done Before The Event

I woke up this morning on my California king bed filled with money and I immediately grabbed my iphone 5.  I went straight to the AP ap (kind of a weird little thing that happened there), searching for the headline of “FACT CHECK” because the Presidential  Argument was last night and I wanted to see who telling more truths than the other.

As I sat there, reading how both Romney and Obama had lied, a thought occurred to me.  Couldn’t have all the fact checking been done BEFORE the debates? Am I the only person that thinks this?  Am I taking crazy pills? If they fact checked their brains before the event, then they would just be telling us full truths about themselves, instead of these weird truths cross-dressed in a shawl of lies.  It seems to me that having an accurate view of our Presidential candidates would be pretty high on America’s agenda, but instead, we just like to see two people argue.  It’s like a slightly more intellectual version of the WWF.

As I got bored with “Fact Checking”, I started looking at what the celebrities were doing, because that stuff is the bread and butter; the driving force behind curing this economic shit show we’ve been rocketing towards since the mid 1970’s.  And then I got bored with that because why would I want to care about something so trivial.  Instead I started looking at pictures of Paul Ryan washing dishes at a soup kitchen in Ohio, because it makes sense that the candidates focus all their effort on one state instead of addressing issues in the rest of the country.  Anyway, my first thought was never trust a man with a neck tattoo, but also never trust a man with two first names.  Paul Ryan. . . Barack Obama. . . .

Wait, what?

Paul Ryan is washing dishes in a soup kitchen?  Why would Paul Ryan be posing in a soup kitchen pretending to wash dishes? How the eff does that have anything to do with being Vice-President? I feel like my oxygen supply is slowly getting cut off.  This is what politics does to me.  It makes me feel like I’m helpless because this whole system is shit and it needs to change, but it won’t.  I mean, I would like to have more choices.  I’m sick of being forced to choose between a tasty turd sandwich and some delicious turd stew. . . . . .

Wow. . . That kind of got out of hand.  Sorry about that.

Um. . . . Fact checking: Best done before you open your mouth.
Also. . . . Political blog posts: Best not done in the morning before breakfast.  Or ever.

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MindySue said...

That is EXACTLY how I feel. Minus the S word. But not really.