Wednesday, March 20, 2013

California: Awesome, if your definition of awesome is getting stung by jellyfish.

A photo essay about California and how dumb it is.  Shot on a Voigtlander Bessa.

A man waits on the side of the road, contemplating what he had done in a previous life to deserve being stuck in California.

A couple people walking on the beach, wondering how on earth they got sand in their butt crack, when the hadn't even sat down.  Also probably just getting a lot of sand in their shoes.

Oh, look i'm on a ferris wheel, looking down on all the people smart enough to not get in the water, but dumb enough to get near the water. Water that is filled with sharks and jellyfish.
That woman is probably getting the best view of her life. 
A woman sits on the beach, thinking she might go buy some milk.
A group of friends having a good time, except that one kid who is waiting in abject misery. 
That kid is still not having a good time.  The excitable kid behind him is having a good time.  Probably just to rub it in, because that's what Californians do.  They rub things in, which is weird because they really don't have anything to rub in.

This man was playing the drum and singing a song about how crappy California is.  People were not psyched.  he was later escorted from premise by the police.  Also, you'll notice that there are a couple people in the background that were obviously dropped on their heads because they're standing in the water.  Water that sharks live in.  And jelly fish.

I have one word to describe California: Boring.


MindySue said...

but they have DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!

EyesofAtlantic said...

I am truly laughing out loud, well more so snickering out loud.