Friday, June 14, 2013

Skip Armstrong: Awesome Videographer or Maybe Just in Need of Velcro Shoes

Oh, here is Skip, peeping in to someone's house. I guess nobody told Skip it wasn't ok to do this. I mean, I told him while I was standing there, but when I saw the people look out the window straight in to Skip's camera trap, I knew it was too late.

Skip ghost riding the whip.  Two seconds later, Skip's long shoe laces got run over by the tire and he got pulled off the car.  I had to chase it down and stop it before it killed any deer.

I was standing here, getting a beautiful scenic, when Skip just walked right in front of the camera.  It's as if he was off in space, just wandering around. Right after I took this photo, Skip tripped on his shoe lace and fell in a ditch.

Hal running up the trail to help skip tie his shoes.  it was a pretty critical time and Skip was having a hard time with it. Before Hal could get to him, Skip lost his balance and rolled down a couple hundred feet.  Luckily he was Ok.

Again, Skip having a difficult time with his shoes, this time on the edge of the river.  Before he was able to get it tied, he fell in.

Skip, totally blowing the shot because his shoe was untied AGAIN.  I couldn't believe it, I was all "yo skip, we're getting a pretty sweet sunset, and he was all "hey, hold on, my shoe's untied" and I was all "again? seriously? Skip, you tied it 4 minutes ago", and he was all "I know dude, but I didn't do a double knot", and I was all "Skip, you should always tie a double knot", and he was all "DUDE, I didn't have time", and that's when I suggested he get velcro.