Monday, July 15, 2013

Mob Mentality: How Does One Actually End Up Putting A Human Head On A Pole?

In all of my 29 years living on this planet, I have never been a part of a mob, which is kind of disappointing.  I’ve seen them on TV and movies and they’ve always looked kind of fun.  

The mob mentality has always been quite fascinating to me. The idea that you get a bunch of brains all in one group, and you yell a lot and all of a sudden, those brains are listening to what you say and they become one giant brain and they will do WHATEVER YOU WANT.  That’s crazy awesome.

Unless of course you convince a group of people to dismember someone, then convince them to stick the dismembered head on a pole.  That’s just crazy.  But that’s exactly what happened at a soccer match in Brazil the other week.  Click HERE for an article.

Now the CNN article doesn’t specifically mention one of the most bizarre parts of the whole ordeal, but other articles have, which might mean that it’s not true, but it is CNN so it could just be poor journalism.  Anyway, the worst part of the whole thing was at the end, someone put the dismembered head on a pole

What is most crazy to me is how quickly the chain of events occurred.  It’s eerily similar to the scene in Anchorman, where the characters are talking about the fight that broke out and how fast it got out of hand. Someone killed a guy with a trident, etc…  We all laughed at that movie because it seemed pretty far out.  Turns out, it’s not that far out.

Within the time span of a couple hours (nearfact), a group of people went from, “hey, it’s cool, I’m watching a soccer match.  Mom, could you grab me a coke”, to “hey, don’t mind me, I’m just going to cut this guys arms and legs off and stick his head on a pole. No big deal.”. NO BIG DEAL.

I’d like to meet the guy who saw the head just sitting there, and thought to himself, “Well, we should really put that head somewhere.  We can’t just leave it there to roll around. How about we just take that head and put it right here on this pole, that way people will know where to find it.  Sort of like a marker saying ‘hey, here is the dismembered corpse in case you’re looking for it’”.  But let’s be honest with ourselves, I’m sure he was thinking something more along the lines of “AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH KIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL”.

It is almost too much to comprehend.  One minute you’re watching soccer, the next you’re cutting a guys head off.  It’s hard for me to think that there couldn’t have been someone there not really psyched on the whole decapitation thing, thinking “this seems a bit drastic”, but I guess that’s why the mob mentality is so powerful, because if you do think that cutting someone’s arms and legs off is an over reaction, you’re not likely to say anything.  And if you are willing to say something, it’s just to dang loud to do anything.

So just remember.  Next time you find yourself holding a machete in an angry mob, step back, take some deep breaths and probably try not to cut anybody limbs off, because I think after everyone has dispersed and you’re left standing there holding somebody’s severed head, you just might regret it.

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Lara said...

This whole thing seemed like it should have been in a really far-fetched Quentin Tarantino movie. But I have to say if I were caught standing with a severed head, I would either put it on a post or in my purse, depending on the size of my purse. Or the size of the head. Shrunken heads are great for purses and are rarely effective on poles.