Friday, August 23, 2013

Iceland: A Behind the Scenes Look at a North Face Running Shoot

Back in May, Camp4 Collective went to Iceland to shoot some running.  This is a detailed account of what happened.  All true.

Skip and Blake try to figure out how to turn the camera on, while Tim stands by, unwilling to help.
Tim had been trying to get Skip to play Rock, Paper, Scissors all day long.  Skip once again resists the urge to throw rock.
TIm angrily yells at Blake for leaving his ten-gallon pleather cowboy hat in the snow.  Scott and Rory look away as the uncomfortable silence is broken by Blake's soft, tearful whimpers.
Like penguins in a storm, the group huddles together for warmth, while outsiders stand by, trying to get in.
In what will be deemed the "second best upset of the season", Tim Kemple takes the lead in a high stakes race up the hill.  Later, after coming in last, Hal Koerner's leg was cut off per the rules of the race.  When asked about the upset, Tim said "well, i wanted to keep both my legs, and i don't really care for Hal, so i'm glad he came in last".
Tim documenting Hal's triumphant return to fame after completing a very impressive  5 minute one-legged mile.
After hearing Rory call him a "second rate photographer", Tim circles back around preparing to fight, entering what will be known as the "best upset of the season", when Rory gets him in an arm bar in under 5 seconds.
Show Pony doing what Show Pony does best. . . lagging behind.  Carrying lots of bags, but still. . .  lagging behind.

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