Friday, May 22, 2015

Pop•Tarts: Somewhere In-between Light and Dark

I don’t really have a lot to say about this topic. I noticed it this morning while toasting a bagel and It left me kind of speechless and feeling gross. It isn’t so much about pop•tarts, because I think we can all agree that pop•tarts are dangerously delicious, but more about how bizarre it is to have a pop•tarts setting on a toaster. That’d be like having a Totinos Party Pizza setting on an oven (which would have been really convenient in college).

What might be the most unsettling is that there are no other settings. It’s as if the public only needs to know one thing; how to cook a pop•tart. . Are people really buying toasters specifically to cook pop•tarts? Are they really that daft that they would need special instructions on how to get the temperature just right? I would totally understand a “bagel” setting. That would make sense, and it would have made the toaster look a little less white trash.

As it stands, this photo just sums up America on so many different levels. Now excuse me while I go buy some pop•tarts to test this thing out.