Monday, November 21, 2016

Things I Hate: Updated

Things I Hate.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything mean, so I thought I’d do a quick recap of everything I hate. They are in no particular order, so if you end up thinking you might be on the list, just assume that you are, and that I hate you the most.

  1. The word wanderlust ie. “I consider myself a wanderlust”.
  2. Ragnar (or any relay event where you just run behind a car for small amounts of time).
  3. Whole Tomatoes, possibly down to slices of tomatoes. Chunks in salsa are fine.
  4. Corn. Not Popcorn. Especially poopcorn.
  5. Excessive #hashtagging.
  6. Hashtag Activism ie, Kony 2012.
  7. All Kevins.
  8. Five finger shoes.
  9. Donald Trump.
  10. Selfie Sticks.
  11. Selfies.
  12. Myself when I take selfies.
  13. The word creative. ie. “I consider myself a creative”.
  14. All devon supertramp videos. ALL of them.
  15. The question “working hard, or hardly working?”.
  16. Swimming.
  17. Ugly babies.
  18. Instagram “ambassadors”.
  19. Reggae.
  20. Racists.
  21. People who complain about excessive tick marks.
  22. Boulder, CO. Not the town itself, just everyone in it.
  23. People telling me what to do.
  24. High pitched voices.
  25. The smell of marijuana.
  26. Kids who cheat at board games.
  27. Kids in general.
  28. The south.
  29. Anything to do with standup paddle boarding.
  30. Pretentious Vegans.
  31. The acronym bae.
  32. Anything Michael bay has ever put his cocaine covered fingers on.
  33. The phrase “Alls I’m saying”.
  34. The concept of freedom fries.
  35. Mismatched socks.
  36. Bike thieves.
  37. Running at noon.
  38. Misusing "they're, their, and there".
  39. Accidentally getting poop on your hands.
  40. Mayonnaise.
  41. Bark beetles
  42. The television show “how I met your mother”
  43. Laugh tracks. Because if I think it’s funny, I’ll laugh.
  44. Netflix shows with Adam Sandler and cast.

I think that’s mostly it. Let me know if you think I've missed anything.